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starting at $180.00 for once a week with human vacuuming $230.00 with both

Floor mopping - Trash Removal - Restroom Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning - Floor Waxing

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Floor stripping the process of removing all wax and applying several coats of new wax.

Carpet Steam Cleaning - is the process of cleaning the carpet with a machine that can pump steaming hot water out at 500 psi and extracting it. The extracting is done after a carpet cleaning solution designed to suspend the dirt on the carpet.

Other services: weekly office cleaning, 2,3, or 5 days a week office cleaning - we are here to help you.

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Robot vacuuming pattern

Why robotic vacuuming? The robotic vacuum does the vacuuming more thoroughly. We complete the vacuuming with backpacks. Janitorial is 90% labor with rising minimum wage; why not get better service at the old rates? Is your cleaning crew getting all the allergens?

Advanced Cleaning Samurai Inc.

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Janitorial services are using production rates compiled from the accounts they service. These production rates can vary from company to company. The variation is due to the type of equipment used and the training and experience of the cleaning person or crew. The addition of equipment increases the square feet cleaned per hour (production rate). Since the production rate is 90 percent of labor, increasing the production rate lowers the monthly rate you will pay. Finding ways to increase the production rate with the increasing cost of labor is what Advanced Cleaning Samurai inc. is trying to achieve. Therefore using a company that is trying to advance the cleaning industry should be what business owners should be doing. Call us as we try to decrease the cost of cleaning by increasing the square feet cleaned per hour.,,,